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Getting tired of changing those settings in Adobe Lightroom over and over again when editing your photos?

Here’s a solution that will brighten up your day by saving you plenty of time during post processing. This package available from my store contains 35 of my most commonly used Presets for Adobe Lightroom and can be downloaded for free.

If you feel you need something more, you can also purchase some of the paid packages via the store which will give you more options.

Instructions on how to Install these presets can be found below.

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Preset Preview

How to Install Presets

1. Open Lightroom Click on ‘Edit’ then ‘Preferences’

2. Click on ‘Presets’ then ‘Show lightroom presets folder..’

3. Open the ‘Lightroom’ folder which will pop up after step 2

4. Open the ‘Develop Presets’ folder located in this Lightroom directory

5. Unzip your download into a new folder. I’ve named this folder ‘LKP Presets’

6. Re-check that all the presets are in that folder. If you’re adding presets this is the folder that they must be added to.

7. Restart lightroom, load a photo in develop module and click the preset You’d like to apply to your photo