A New Year, A New Change

15th January 2017

It’s the new year, I’m going to do this, this, this and that. Stop there.

Let me now slap you for reading this. Slap me where you say and for what reason you ask. On the back of the hand, on the side of the arm, on the top of the head, not too hard but hard enough to make you realise, that its time for you to get up and to start committing to some action.

Whether it be improving your photography, starting up your new side business, becoming a guru at calligraphy, creating music or learning to drive, action and physically doing something is what enables us to achieve those goals, those dreams and those wants we set for ourselves every year.

How often do you hear people make new years resolution plans only for it to fall apart a week later? I hear it all too often, I’m super sick of hearing it. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it too. So instead of setting out our new years resolution let’s start putting pen to paper, placing ourselves behind that wheel, nutting down tasks like a bejesus and putting the hard yards in so that we can achieve our dreams.

If you’ve felt somewhat victimised somewhat abused thus far, if you’ve rolled up in a corner and started to sob upon reflection of your own life and what you’ve achieved or not achieved, here’s where things change. You’ve now entered the magical zone of realisation and you’ve been steered onto the path of Nirvana, the path that many people will never find. Everyone is born equal. Most of us have 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 1 brain, and a place we call home. Consider ourselves lucky and fortunate. For those who are missing part or all of the above, imagine how hard it would be for them to achieve what they do achieve, and yet they still pull it off like Houdini.

So let me tell you the 3 simple steps for success, those motivation books you’re reading, fling those books out the window.

1. Learn something.

2. Do something.

3. Be great.

As pictures speak louder than words I leave you with 2 photos to conclude this post, 1 horrid, overcooked HDR, pile of garbage that makes me feel nauseous and gives me eye cancer every time I look at it and 1 semi-decent photo which has been purchased, downloaded, loved by many and requested to be used by numerous organisations and individuals. Let this be a reminder for the journey we must travel to reach our very own Nirvana. This is my journey, now make yours happen.