Make Paracord Camera Strap

1st May 2016

Known to be highly durable and greatly reliable, parachute cord also known as Paracord in the military world is an essential piece of survival kit. It is widely used for a multitude of applications and this can be extended to creating a strap for your camera.

Why would I want to replace my original Canon, Nikon, Sony strap?
1. To avoid advertising the camera I’m carrying
2. To have a lightweight strap that costs next to nothing.
3. Don’t want to spend money on a wrist strap
4. To double up as a survival tool if I’m stranded in the wilderness.
5. To have an fighting chance against a zombie apocalypse if all I had was my camera!

This is what we’ll need to make a paracord camera strap:
1. X metres of paracord, depending on how you like to sling/carry your camera around your neck/wrist etc.
2. Scissors / Knife to cut the paracord
3. Cigarette Lighter to singe the cut paracord
4. carabiner / metal clip fixture

Perhaps looking at some photos will give us a heads up of what we can expect:


Picture via Wikimedia Commons


Camera with Paracord Strap

Picture by Will Che via Flickr

Camera with Paracord Strap

Picture by Will Che via Flickr

A quick video on how to make a camera wrist strap from Paracord (or parachute cord)

Another video on making a parachute cord camera strap. This is for a camera with a battery grip attached.