50 Boisterous BW and Vintage Presets


50 Boisterous B&W and vintage presets for Adobe Lightroom brought to you by Lenny K Photography


This black/white and vintage preset package contains 50 boisterous presets for your old school and vintage style editing needs. Individually created, crafted and refined by me, in a single click the look of your photos will be instantly teleported back to the good ol’ days saving you both time and effort in tweaking individual settings.

This package contains:
– 23 black and white presets +
– 27 colored vintage presets +
– A bonus 5 additional presets (from the 70 Powerful Lightroom Presets pack)

Applying a preset will alter the white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, vibrance, tone curve, HSL, colors, split toning, sharpening and grain of the photo in varying degrees and combinations.

Free sample presets + instructions on how to install these presets can be located here

This product is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5+ on both Window