The End of 2016

31st December 2016

So here’s the challenge I’ve signed up to..

As we’re now drawing to the end of 2016, let’s throw our hands in the air and with welcoming arms embrace the coming of 2017.

With a new year comes new goals and off the top of my head here’s 10 to-do goals that I’m looking forward to achieving:

1. Trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal.

Flights booked, accommodation sorted (I think?) and a once in a life time plan of trekking to the base of Mount Everest. What could possibly go wrong besides eating Dahl Bhat (rice soup) everyday?? I’ll need to up my photography game on this one whilst I endure those sleepless nights of thinking what kit I should take up there. This’ll be one trip to remember!

2. Travel around Thailand.

This one’s a short 2 week journey to the ‘land of smiles’ more of a personal thing. Again the focus will be on gathering landscape, cityscape and travel photos. Hope to come back with some awesome shots and I know I will :).

3. Improve and skill up on my photography knowledge.

This is a broad goal, in achieving this I’ll be actively studying the works of other landscape / travel photographers and learning some nifty new techniques on the post processing side of things. Lets see how we go!

4. Become one with the Sony A7 + FE 28-70mm kit lens.

Too many upgrades had happened in 2016, should’ve been focusing on improving the skills rather than upgrading the gear! Gonna make this happen in 2017!

5. Engaging in more volunteer photography project.

This site and the values surrounding the creation of this venture is about contributing and giving selflessly to the community. I’ll need to channel my inner chi to work on this as I havn’t been giving as much as I’d like to recently!

6. Developing the LKP Shop.

The shop is kinda bare at the moment with only about 5 items on the shelf. This goal will see the creation of physical items instore when me can work out the best way to do this! There will also be more digital products for your post-processing needs!

7. Helping more people learn photography.

Mentoring and inspiring other photographers is what I’d like to do more of. I guess its just the feeling of helping someone learn, seeing them grow, seeing their skills improve and watching them be happy. This outcome alone will keep me motivated.

8. Improving on my post processing skills.

Gonna be upping those Photoshop and Lightroom post processing skills. I think its that fine line of what makes a good picture different from a stunning image. #keen2learn!

9. Connect with like minded photographers.

Always been a fan of meeting new people! Can’t wait to see who I’ll bump into this year!

10. Produce and share more free photos.

Keeping in mind quality over quantity, I’ll continue doing my thing and releasing photos under the Creative Commons licence. Thinking of even getting a calendar done this year for 2018! We’ll see how it all goes!

So these are my top 10, lets see how we go for the new year 🙂

Here’s a flashback to some of the photos / artwork / images that you’ve seen from me in 2016. More can be found on Flickr