Unlocking Digital Creativity

15th August 2016

To all the landscape photographers out there facing this dilemma.

There comes a time where a landscape photographer takes and retakes so many photos of his hometown that he just runs out of unique locations to shoot. This eventually forces him to travel to discover new locations where he can shoot. But what happens if he cannot afford to travel how can he develop his photography skills and build his portfolio?

Falling into this dilemma myself these are my recommendations:
1) Diversify your photography skills by learning another facet of photography. I recommend black and white or portrait photography due to its technical difficulty.
2) Engage in learning in digital composition, I guarantee you this is a game changer and will up both your composition and post-processing skills dramatically.
3) Drive north 2 hours. Well, any direction will do the landscape will hopefully change.

If you’re 100% stuck on keeping to the landscape photography niche I suggest #2. Although it can take many hours if not days, after coming out with the final image you’ll feel a great sense of achievement. Here’s my attempt at it.