8 Useful Household Items for Photography

4th May 2016

Many of us enthusiast photographers would probably have one or all of these 8 objects sitting around the home. Lets check out how we can convert this gear and utilise these items for our DIY photography needs.

1. Stubby Holder / Beer Can Holder – Can be used as a lens protector. Just throw it around, she’ll still be right!

2. Black Floor Tile – A handy tool for subject isolation in subject photography. Just place the object on top or behind it and shoot away!

3. Glass Ball – Capable to be used to as a foreground object to create interest in the background. Shoot through this magic glass ball and it’ll turn the world upside down!

4. Aerosol Can + Lighter – A tool to create powerful pyrotechnic effects. Also useful for warding off zombies!

5. Stocking – A super common object in the home but when placed over the lens and secured with a rubber band gives our photos a soft focus effect! Super handy for fashion and creative shoots.

6. Mirror – As you can guess used to reflect light onto our subject. Also handy for saving us us from those vampires and that dreaded bad hair day!

7. Tube Light – Circular beauty light with the ability of creating some really cool photo effects!

+ Clip seal bag + rubber band or Shower cap – A do it yourself emergency water protector for wet times. These setups allow the front of the lens to still peek out for those rainy day photos.

If you’re a visual learner check out this cool video below on these items: