Full Frame Mirrorless vs Full Frame DSLR Cameras

14th February 2017

AH! The classic battle between Full Frame Mirrorless and DSLR. But which one is better?

1. Size & weight

Verdict: Mirrorless wins here

4. Autofocus

Verdict: Mirrorless wins here

8. Image quality

Verdict: This one’s a draw

36 megapixels on full frame DSLR = 36 megapixels on full frame mirrorless, period. The quality and size of the sensors are exactly the same. In fact there was a time when Sony used to manufacture Nikon’s sensors and the full frame sensor inside the Nikon D600 is the very same sensor as the one inside the Sony A7. Much like the sensor inside the Nikon D800E is the same as the A7R.


Go Mirrorless.