Import Photoshop Actions in 1 Step

15th February 2017

Here’s a quick 1 step guide on how to setup / import your Actions for Photoshop

Open Actions, Open Photoshop

1. Open the folder where the Actions are contained in a minimised window. In the background have Photoshop CS6 open. Like this:


Drag and Drop / Double Click

2. Drag and drop (or double click) the .ATN Actions file into the Photoshop Actions panel and you’re done!


Un-hide Photoshop Actions Panel

If can’t see the Photoshop Actions Panel be sure to unhide it on your Photoshop toolbar (or press ALT + F9):

Install Multiple Photoshop Actions

If you want to add more than 1 Action at a time, then select multiple items and repeat the above step. Like this:


Go forth my friend and create beautiful images.