New Section “Learn”

26th May 2016

So in the last month I’ve been pretty busy with the website, learning more about photography and managing my life in general. I thought I’d drop this quick post to let you guys know about updates that have been going on.

1. The Free Lightroom Preset has been receiving a large number of downloads in the last month, thanks to all your support! I hope you like it and please do share your thoughts about it with me :). All criticism is healthy and will be taken in good faith.

2. I’ve reorganised some website content into a new Learn section on my website where I’ve listed some useful resources that may help you guys out. There’s also some nifty DIY things you can learn how to craft in this section too, do check it out if you have time 🙂

3. I’ve been invited to contribute to Eye-Photo Magazine and the Colorado Review which I’m super happy about! I give all my best wishes to the editors who have approached me and made this request, thanks guys!